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Hello PBS Faves, Our salon is open for all your shopping adventures by appointment only! We are so excited to be open after having to close our doors due to the pandemic, but there are a few new requirements that have been put in place to keep you, our employees and their families safe. It is such an exciting part of your planning process and we are anxiously waiting to help you find the gown of your DREAMS, but please read on before scheduling your appointment.  Appointment Requirements 1. Each appointment can have up to 4 quests. We must limit the number of guests in our store on order to comply with state regulations.  2. Masks are required at all times...

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Top Tips When Postponing Your Wedding

When you are faced with the decision to postpone your wedding, where do you even begin? First off, it is okay to take time to grieve the date you envisioned- whether that be relaxing with some deep breathing, indulging in your favorite foods, venting to your loved ones, or all of the above. When you are ready to sit down and start planning your future date, there are so many details to cover. That is why we are here to help you get started! Visit this amazing Change the Date- Printable Checklist to help guide you on the next steps in your wedding adventures. Unique Floral Arrangements If your date is postponed from one season to the next there are...

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How To Plan A Virtual Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is one of those moments a bride looks forward to the second wedding planning begins, and with social distancing regulations still in place, so many brides-to-be are devastated that their showers are having to be cancelled. While a virtual bridal shower will never be the same as one held in person, there is one major silver lining to planning an online shower and that is more guests may be able to “attend”. So where do  you begin? First you will need to officially decide on the date you want the shower held. Plan your virtual shower on the same day, if that is possible. If there is not enough time between now and then, schedule for a...

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COVID-19 Updates: March 19, 2020

**Update**We are limiting access to our salon but we are still here to help you! Please knock or call, our doors will be locked, but we ARE open. Please call 231-347-6922 and we will let you in. To insure your safety and ours, we can process orders over the phone and we will bring it out to your car. Our salon is following all CDC measures for keeping our salon as clean and sanitized as possible. The health of our community and employees is extremely important to us so if you or any of your entourage is not feeling 💯 please reschedule for a later date. If you don’t feel up to coming in today give us a call and...

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