About Us

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Our Bridal Boutique

Welcome to Petoskey Bridal!

We would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in our salon. We are a locally owned bridal salon located in picturesque Petoskey, MI. Our stylists are committed in providing exceptional service in creating your dream wedding. Wherever your imagination takes you we have what you need to create an experience of a lifetime. Appointments are encouraged and appreciated. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Petoskey Bridal History

In 1968, the doors to Petoskey Bridal under the management of Evonne Murray. Evonne devoted her time in creating an atmosphere for brides from all over Northern Michigan. The first location was around 900 square feet with 4 fitting rooms, 100 gowns, and 4 employees. Along the way, Genie Young became the new owner filling the store with countless new ideas on how to elevate the bridal salon. After being open for almost 25 years, Theresa Price and daughters Gerri Lynn and Cindy began styling brides and transforming the face of Petoskey Bridal. In 1999, they moved the bridal salon to it’s current location. This location has 2400 square feet, 7 fitting rooms, 500+ gowns, and has 7 employees. Petoskey Bridal has seen many styles and fashion trends over the years and has helped thousands of brides find the gown of their dreams. After years of experience our team has brought Petoskey Bridal to a whole new level. Follow us on social media for the countless changes yet to come!

Meet Our Experts

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