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Gown Preservation

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About Wedding Gown Preservation
Wedding Gown Preservation Company is a family-run business that's been based in Endicott, NY for over 100 years. The company was started by Sara and Joseph Schapiro in 1913. Combining the experience of three generations and today's latest technologies, WGP professionally and thoroughly clean and preserve each wedding gown. Their proven methods ensure that most stains-both visible and invisible-are removed. WGP's modern lab and equipment preserve every gown with a proprietary treatment developed to prevent yellowing and discoloration.
The Preservation Process
WGP utilizes organic, completely biodegradable solvents to remove spots and thoroughly clean the entire gown, with extra attention given to the neckline, trim, and hemline. Their experts shape the gown, position it on a full bust form, and fill the sleeves. It is then fitted carefully into an acid-neutral preservation chest with an acid-free display window. The preservation chest is then enclosed in a 700lb. test shipping carton. Your gown is then shipped back to you pre-paid anywhere in the United States via FedEx. This process will be completed 2-10 weeks after the gown is received. 
Please Note: During the height of their busy season, the preservation process may take slightly longer. Repairs or additional services requested may also extend the processing time.